It is a skill all of us are born with but few of us hone, and it distinguishes the good from the great. I am talking about communication!  

Communication skills are arguably the most important skill for you to learn if you want to be more successful, popular or make a change in this world.

But if we are born with communication, why do I need to learn it? Firstly, we are all born with the desire to connect to other humans and with the ability to learn languages, but talking is not the same thing as communicating.

Talking is the act of forming words with your mouth. Anyone can do this, this is the easy part. Communication is the act of imparting or exchanging information, ideas, and feelings.

It involves active listening, which means listening to understand rather than to only respond.

Let me ask you, what is the most powerful and persuasive tool in the world? Some say money, others think power, and there are those who say it is status and influence.

When we look at the people who changed our world for the better, like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King – none of them had much money; they didn’t have power in the context of their society and hardly much status in the arena in which they were fighting for their basic human rights.

These three men had one undeniable fact in common: they were legendary orators. They commanded crowds of the thousands who would travel far and wide to hear them speak. It was their words – not their money or power – that influenced their nations and the world.

Being a good communicator can lead to power, money and influence if that is what you are looking for. Think about it this way: even if you have the most groundbreaking product, it will not sell if you don’t convince people of it.

Steve Jobs made the most innovative products but it was his persuasiveness and charisma that sold them, not the products themselves. Many people were actually Apple-naysayers because so many of their inventions like the iPod and iPad were so far ahead of their time.

From freedom fighters to business men, the art of communication helped them achieve their goals; saving lives and pushing the boundaries of technology.

Even if we look at a domestic setting, so many fights and divorces are caused by poor communication. If you work on not just “what” you are saying but “how” you are saying it, you will have a harmonious home life and work life.

Your friends and family will understand you more and your customers will trust you. Communication is the cornerstone of any kind of success, be it financial, social, humanitarian and so on.

So which successful public figure do you think was the best communicator ? Let me know in the comment section below