What to do in your free time

What To Do In Your Free Time?

Isn't it exciting to kill your free time hanging out with your mates, playing games, or watching a movie? It's undoubtedly tempting! But, spending leisure time productively will provide you many more perks in the long run. 

What to do in your free time

With our universe full of diverse people who think having any sort of leisure time is bad, every moment has to be packed with something. This is not right, actually! We are continuously losing our productivity whenever we tangled ourselves with busy schedules. 

Wait! If I am busy, that doesn't indicate I am being productive and want to get things accomplished, too? Not necessarily! That's why it is inevitable to have ample free time. We must take a step back; well, that doesn't mean bunking your shifts or not volunteering this weekend. 

It actually means postponing your hangout to next week and taking a day off this week to spend time doing absolutely nothing! Revitalizing your body is a necessity, and it will never happen if we are working like robots! Have you got sufficient spare time this week? Here we have enlisted the top 8 things to kill time in order to stay more agile, productive, and healthy.

1.Read a book:

Reading a book will be an impeccable solution to do in your free time. Do you have at least one hour? Then pick a book of your choice, and start reading it. It would be a top-notch way to kill time while being productive. If your entire family sits down next to a TV to watch a movie this weekend, instead pick a book and spend your definite time while reading it. Reading relieves stress and refreshes the brain. Therefore, it provides more focus towards your goal, offers more entertainment, and creates enriched writing skills. 


If you have only 10 mins of leisure in hand, then make a quick walk down the road. Exercising is an unrivaled way to utilize your free time. Your body and mind will be more invigorating after a daily exercise. Are you ready to face the rest of your day? Do any kind of exercise instead of sitting in front of a TV that makes you idle and sluggish for the entire day! Exercise in your leisure time may enormously benefit you:

  • Boosting your energy
  • Staying agile
  • Better sleep at night
  • Enhance brain activity

3.Learn a brand new hobby:

Have you always been enthusiastic about crochet making or preparing any dish? Whatever your hobby is, your leisure or free time would be the best time for your learning. Utilize this free time to opt for a new hobby like learning ballroom dance or something else you were always passionate about! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead with your new hobby and do that particular thing enthusiastically. 

What to do in your free time

4.Cooking or baking:

According to many people, Cooking is a fun and stress-alleviating activity! Are you a novice who wanted to put your hands first time on Cooking? Or, are you a seasoned cook who loved to prepare lip-smacking foods for your guests? Cooking might be an exalting experience for anyone! Make sure to look at Cooking as a stress mitigating activity rather than something you need to do every day. Take this scope to rejuvenate some childhood delicacies! It may not be tasting like your mom's made lasagna, but just contemplate the satisfaction you will get after having a cheesy bite. 

5.Sort your paper clutter:

Paper clutter might easily become overwhelming work when it gets left for a prolonged time. It will not take more time for our paper clutter to be messy. If you forget the mail sitting on the table for more than two days, it will create a mountain of flyers and papers. Similar goes for receipts, goals, and other papers in the house. If paper clutter is missing in your home, your spare time would be best to find it and sort through the papers. Therefore, creating a top-notch way for sustaining these papers arranged.

6.Set your goals:

Are you one of those personalities who prefer to set and acquire goals? Grab a notepad and list a few significant goals of your life and start planning it. Set some more accessible and achievable goals, which don't seem next to implausible. Write down both short and long-term goals, like those you can achieve within a month and the goals you can complete within 5 years. Have you jotted down your goals? Now write down the action steps that you need to follow while acquiring those motives.

7.Dive in an online course:

Do you want to boost your skills in your domain? Taking up an online course would be the best idea for you! If skill enhancement in your definite area is your motive while sitting at your comfortable pace, do a quick Google search to partake in your favorite course if you are inclined to learn more about your particular domain. Don't want a paid one? Find any free courses, and let's get started!

8.Organize your house:

Well, decluttering is not for everyone, and most people have to rely on a maid to get those things done. However, if you are a freak at cleaning, love to maintain your place's tidiness, you may take a day off for decluttering. You require only 10 minutes of decluttering, that's it! Take a particular room to make it a mess-free area. Therefore, set a timer and work faster so that you can accomplish everything back in its previous place. 

Leisure time at this age is comparatively tough to come by. Official work to meetings to appointments are continuously demanding our time, so that if often feels we have been going through this hectic schedule for a longer time. That's why you need to stop for a while and take a break! With these top 8 things, you can effectively kill your valuable time.