Speak with Confidence

How to Speak with Confidence and Sound Better

Speak with Confidence is a trait that we appreciate in others and sobbing silently due to its absence in ourselves. Good communication is a staple to succeed, whether you are entertaining a large audience or trying to showcase your standpoint in front of your new friend. 

Speak with confidence broadens your career path, and fetches you more authority and respect in the workplace. So, if it could be bottled, it would significantly become an overnight stimulation. Do you think that the most prominent motivational speakers or celebrities we admire, born with confidence? The answer is a big “NO!” 

For all the renowned public speakers and performers, it took countless years of expertise to acquire confidence. Well, do you also lack confidence while speaking? Don’t understand how to sound better publicly? Therefore, to cheer you up, we have come up with the best 10 tips for speaking confidently and sound like a professional. Let’s get started!

Speak with Confidence


As the saying goes, “practice can fetch success to anybody!” So, the leading way of doing anything exceptionally well is doing it rigorously, and speech is not any exception. Do you feel nervous while a cumbersome conversation during a scheduled talk in front of a large group audience or maybe during a presentation? You need rigorous practicing before anything! 

According to an eminent public speaking expert Dale Carnegie, you must use an authentic or stand-in microphone to listen to your own voice before a public gathering. Well, recording and listening to your voice are the leading ways to check out if you are utilising the best-in-class pacing and pauses. Therefore, the constant practice boosts your confidence and will also help assess your voice clarity.

2.Make proper eye contact:

It looks polite and diligent to others. Furthermore, eye contact will significantly help others listen and perceive your thought. So, find some of your old yet friendly faces to concentrate on your confidence ascends while you are speaking. In this way, you can properly communicate your message to them with 100% clarity. Some people feel shy while talking and generally look down during a conversation. The person you are talking to will think you are distracted and do not want to communicate more. Here is some piece of advice:

  • Look at the people’s eyes while talking to them instead of looking here and there.
  • If you are communicating to a larger group, slow it down so that everyone fathoms your viewpoint.

3.Utilize your voice to make a robust first impression:

Utilize your Voice

People generally get a first impression of yours once you say a “hello” to them! Your vocal qualities can quickly rub you the imprecise way. When you start to speak with confidence, a confident voice is an eminent tool to showcase your confidence and get you easily connected with someone. 

A telephonic interview portrays your ability to connect with someone counts you significantly on how you speak as no body language, no eye contact, and no hushed cues to interpret here. The main thing is to adjust your voice as per the situation and the insights you want to convey. 

Are you aiming to sound ethical and competent? If yes, it would be best to acquire a lower-pitched voice. But to demonstrate warmth, you can elevate your pitch. Significant differences are there based on gender. Women with a high pitch are considered to be warm. Despite that, men with similar vocal traits seem less commanding and more friendly. 

4.Utilize your hands:

Using Hands while Speaking

Body language that conveys your message is similarly as crucial as the words coming out of your mouth. Therefore, utilizing your hands while speaking would be the most impressive thing that boosts confidence and makes you sound better. 

The Audience assess speakers to possess more positive traits, for example, good vibes, and energy, when they utilize countless gestures. So, do you want to portray your robust personality and look confident? 

You must use your hands when explaining something as it would be an unrivaled way to display your comprehensive skills and excitement. Make sure not to make some weird gestures like touching hair or fiddling with clothing. 

5.Expel filler words while speaking:

Filler words like “uhh”, “umm”, “like,” “well” generally occupy a significant space when you are not sure what to say next. However, utilizing such fillers will create an uncertain image for the listener of what you are actually interpreting. Do you want to sound more professional and confident while speaking? 

Such filler words should be expelled for a lifetime! So, what substitute can you use? Well, nothing! If you need a jiffy to think, just be silent. Such pauses are enormously powerful as they create tension and absorb people into it. Want to hold those brief moments of quietness without recouping that silence with unnecessary sounds? Well, people will listen to your words more appropriately.

6.Showcase gratitude:

Are you wondering about the relationship between gratitude and confidence? According to a wise person, “a positive environment can quickly be built up by showing gratitude”. The demonstration of gratitude implies that everything is alright. 

Therefore, appreciating colleagues for their major contributions and accomplishments are another method of saying the company is prospering. Starting the conversation with gratitude, like “thanks for coming,” will showcase your confidence from the beginning. 

7.Speaking without nervousness:

The commanding and low pitch make you sound confident, which comes about spontaneously when you eliminate your voice’s inner nervousness. The extreme nervousness will affect your voice quality and portray a low image. 

That’s why you need to relax and try this: Start the process by taking a deep and slow breath. During exhaling, make a noise like half sighing to release your tension from the brain, throat, neck, and jaw area. Such a process will help you diligently mitigate the tension during speaking and look confident. 

8.Put smiles during a speech:

You must have heard of this adage that smiles are infectious. The major advantages of smiling on both the audience and speaker make your voice more satisfying and showcase apt confidence. 

Just putting a smile on your face during a conversation will display your organized, friendly, and approachable image to everyone. That is why it is inevitable to grin while giving an essential speech or just a simple official conversation.

9.Maintain efficient posture:

Rolling your shoulders back and keeping your head high will not just showcase your confidence ; it will also ennoble your voice quality and helps to speak with confidence. Therefore, apt postures help you inhale and exhale deeply through your abdomen. 

This is how public speakers or any actors throw their voices to reverberate across space. Therefore, to enhance your voice’s capability, stand up or sit straight and take a profound breath. 

 10.Compliment yourself every day:

Daily self-praising activity will boost your confidence, which is inevitable while speaking. People will consider you are thinking more seriously with elevated confidence. Always let yourself feel that you are the most outstanding person and also cherish your accomplishments. Therefore, praising yourself every day will help trigger your confidence.

With these top 10 unavoidable tips, anyone can speak with confidence and sounds better! As it takes time to acquire the speaking trait, you must consider those aforementioned points to emerge as a confident person. Do you like this article? Do not forget to like and share! Follow us to know more about personality development and communication. Stay tuned!