UpIndia Skills Podcast

The UpIndia Skills Podcast is a weekly show produced by UpIndia Skills and hosted by Mohit Gauriar. 

Mohit will help you discover how to create a meaningful impact in your life by deep diving into the topics that will enable you to leverage your skills for both career growth and overall success in life.

Episode 6- Overthinking

Episode 6 – Overthinking

Do you have a habit of thinking too much for too long? Overthinking is a problem we know we have, yet face difficulty in eliminating it. Going through the same experience over and over again is frustrating. Isn’t it? Or anticipating the future and exaggerating what might happen a hundred times before it happens. Ugh! Feels like our mind just won’t shut off.

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UpIndia Skills Podcast Episode 5 Minimalism

Episode 5: Minimalism

Have you heard about Minimalism and wondered what is it all about? Listen to this podcast from Mohit Gauriar wherein he talks about what minimalism is, its benefits, and steps you can follow to start living a minimalist lifestyle.

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UpIndia Skills Podcast Episode 4 The Art of Storytelling

Episode 4: The Art of Storytelling

Tune in to this episode as Mohit Gauriar, founder of UpIndia Skills, holds forth on the importance of storytelling in our daily life. Learn the underlying essence of storytelling, how you can leverage it for generating growth opportunities and how to get started on the right track to becoming an effective storyteller.

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UpIndia Skills Podcast Episode 3 Emotional Intelligence

Episode 3: Emotional Intelligence

In our rapidly changing world, having a healthy quotient of emotional intelligence is important as it creates a path of positivity and generates better opportunities. Tune in to have a better understanding of emotional intelligence, how it can make you self-aware and how it can equip you to handle situations and people well.

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