Jay Shetty Owning His Life

Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty has all that any 30 years old would aspire to have in their life. Money, fame, success, and love from millions of people all around the world. This is what most of us would like to hear about a personality of his stature. But what we need to hear instead is Jay Shetty has had all it takes to be what he is today and what millions of people aspire to have. Discipline; dedication; enthusiasm; vision;  adaptability; and a strong purpose.

If you by any chance have not heard the name of Jay Shetty before or do not know his life story, I’ll quickly take you through it. After reading which, I am pretty sure, you’ll be left with quite a great impression. ‘Cause, that’s how Jay Shetty and his story are – impressive!

Jay Shetty

A Great Many Accomplishments

A content creator, storyteller, and award-winning host today, Jay Shetty went through many transformations in his life. Let’s rewind and see what exactly the transformation is I am referring to. Back in his early years, he was a shy boy who preferred to spend his time reading books. That was a time when he was even bullied for being overweight. Fast forward to his teen years, he became a guy who looked for thrill and adventure in everything. Those are the years of exploration for most teenagers anyway. And interestingly that also led him to troubles including suspension from his school on several occasions. He was involved in multiple relationships and even drugs. All the bad things a person does in a bad company. Fortunately, it didn’t take him long to figure out what he wanted from his life and find a path that directed not only him towards a fulfilling life but million others who he serves and influences.

The question is how this magical transformation happened? The answer to which Jay Shetty himself shared in an interview. A monk. Yes, the defining moment of his life was when he listened to the words of a monk at the age of 18. It was then that he decided to turn into a monk himself and find the answers to life by following their lifestyle. After three years of living the life of a monk and gaining extensive knowledge through the ancient Vedas, he started implementing all the principles he had learned during the years as a monk in his life. Enlightened Jay wanted to share his knowledge with the world and he did it. In the blink of an eye, he went on to become a viral influencer with the purpose of “making wisdom go viral”. 

He launched his YouTube channel in 2016. Over 20 million people follow him and his videos get more than a billion views today. Jay was named in the Forbes 30 under 30. 

He has worked with many well-known brands all over the world including Google, Coca-cola, Microsoft, and Accenture. But the list of his achievements does not stop here. There’s more he has to his name which you can find easily anywhere on the internet. But my motive here is not to count his successes but to share the many lessons we can learn from his journey.

1. Being open to new perspectives

The decision of being a monk right after graduation was not easy. It came at the cost of turning down offers from reputed companies and life of instant pleasure. At the time when his fellow graduates were looking for jobs and settlement, he chose to be a monk ignoring the outside noise and expectations one is burdened with after graduation. But he made the tough decision anyway which changed him for the better and in a way contributed to what he is today. All this was made possible because he was willing to challenge himself for something he believed in. And he believed in the lifestyle of a monk leading to fulfillment and bliss. No doubt he is blissful! If had not opened his mind to the words of the monk whose meeting transformed his perspective, he would never have been the Jay Shetty he is today.

2. Using technology to its Fullest

Many people waste their time on social media and blame technology for it. There are people who use social media platforms to spread hate and false information. The youth spends their time watching Netflix and then face the negative consequences. How many people think of making a career using the power of social media and impact lives? How many people use technology to bring a positive change in people’s lives? A few wise individuals. Jay Shetty is the live example of such people who use technology for the betterment of society instead of letting it destroy them. Anything and everything comes with advantages and disadvantages of its own. So does technology. Jay Shetty uses social media to disseminate knowledge in an entertaining way. It not only shows how one can make the best use of resources at hand but also proves whether we allow ourselves to be affected positively or negatively by technology is up to us. 

  3. Finding a Purpose

You might have heard Jay Shetty emphasizing finding a meaning or a strong purpose in life. A reason we can hold on to do the right thing and take the right action. A reason strong enough to get up every day with the mission to fulfill it. A reason strong enough to enable us to stick to our commitments and continue giving efforts to what holds meaning and value. And I cannot agree more on this. Without a purpose in our life, I don’t think we can drive ourselves towards reaching our highest potential. People who succeed in making a huge impact are the ones driven by a purpose. Hence until we find our reason, we should keep exploring. What keeps you excited, energized, and motivated is your ultimate purpose.

  4. Taking Actions

If we only ever dream of getting a particular result, we are bound to fail from achieving it. For making the dream come true, we have to do things that may be hard, take challenges, and persevere until the result we dreamt of getting is at our hands. During the three years Jay spent as a monk, he did things to gain control over his mind. He followed the entire process instead of just wanting the results. The daily routine of a monk consists of waking up at 4, meditating for about 4-6 hours a day, and so on. He did all that. And that’s the greatest lesson we can take from his life. Getting out of our comfort zone to attain the results we aim for.  

  5. Following your Passion

The influence Jay Shetty has over people is because he is true to what he is doing. Delivering content consistently that really stays with the audience is not easy but Jay Shetty makes it seem effortless. Most likely that’s because he is passionate about creating content. When we are passionate about something, we give our heart and soul to it. No wonder, why people following their passion are happy and satisfied with their lives as compared to people stuck with things they despise doing.

But finding and following our passion isn’t a cakewalk. Is it? So here’s what Jay has got to say to make it easy. We need to ask ourselves what we are good at, what we love doing, how we can get paid for doing that thing, and what the world needs. These four questions can help us find our passion. We wouldn’t want a life of success unless it is accompanied by happiness and fulfillment. People who turn their passion into a career are the happiest. One of the reasons I follow Jay Shetty is that he has found a way to do just that.

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