Personality Development

Your Personality Can Attract Anyone With These 5 Ways

Vincent Van Gogh once said- “I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” This quote stands true for people who simply love to be around other people and whose personality traits make them people.

Everyone could have the power within them to be like a magnet whose pull can be irresistible. Dr. Wayne Dyer said we don’t attract what we want but we attract what we are. We usually get drawn towards people who are somewhat similar to us. We gel up with many but we bond with someone with similar attributes only. 

Every day we meet people from different walks of life. We cross paths with hundreds of people in our entire lifetime, but when we think of people whom we can connect with, only a handful of people will come to our minds.

Those people are unique in some or the other way and that is why we remember them in all phases of life even if we are not in touch with them. Appearance is one plus point that is admired by people around but there is much more beyond your appearance.

Some people are born with likable attributes: a charming smile or a good conversationalist who engages people through his way of talking.  But everyone does not have innate personality traits that could pull people like a magnet. 

So here we are presenting the 5 thumb rules about personality development that you can follow to attract anyone with your personality:


Confidence is not something that can be taught to someone. It is like a state of mind that comes from within. It depends on how well we have accepted ourselves be it our body, mind or the experience and skills learned in life.

If you are capable enough of performing some activity or talking to someone about some topic you know, then you must not hesitate while voicing your emotions or opinion.

When you speak confidently with someone, your behavior reflects confidence and the other person gets the vibes and starts trusting you and relying on you. In a way, that person will be attracted to you. In formal/informal groups, you may become the person who rules the roost. 

Your body posture also plays a crucial role in reflecting confidence. While interacting especially with a formal group, sit upright. Do not slouch and avoid closed postures.

Body language is a type of nonverbal communication. It includes facial expressions and gestures. People somewhere observe body language and then place trust in you. If you are confident enough, it will reflect in your body language too.

Kindness and Understanding

Kindness can be perceived as a gift that anyone can afford to give. Truly small or big acts of kindness win hearts.  If you are kind in behavior, your relationship with your peers and colleagues strengthens and your association with them goes a long way in life. People who are good to us and kind towards us are always remembered and never forgotten.

In some situations, in life, we are unable to help people and resolve their problems. So in those times, others need your kindness more than your opinion. So be kind enough to treat them nicely by supporting them and caring for them. 

Understanding is an effective way of communication. It is a lot deeper than knowledge. There is a difference in knowing people and understanding people.

A lot of people know you but there will be few who would understand you truly. Understanding ones never judge you as they know the reason behind a certain thing you did or spoke. 

Always be a calm person and try to understand people in the best possible manner you can. If their behavior changes towards anyone or you, try to talk to the person and ask if there is any general/personal problem in his/her life that is making the person upset. Being a good listener always helps. Don’t just try to overreact and shout on a person may be because you did not expect the person to behave differently.

Always remember, kindness and understanding both make a difference and make you likeable.

Down to Earth

Being grounded is the best way you can attract someone towards you. Not just this quality will be admired by others, but it will also open you up to listen to other’s perspectives. 

Arrogance never lets you learn and such people are usually avoided in the crowd. Even if you are knowledgeable, still be an open book to receive feedback as there is always a scope of improvement.

Treat every day as a learning process and always be a “glass-half-full person” as this is evidence of your optimistic behavior and also increases your likeability among others.  

Sense of Humour

A good sense of humour always lightens the ambience as it provokes laughter and amuses everyone around. People of all ages respond to humour and if you have this quality in you, you will be loved by everyone.

In general, people become fond of you if you are cheerful, lively and fun-loving.

It is always a pleasure to work with such people as it breaks the monotony. Be fun to work with. Don’t be serious all the time as it turns people off.


Intelligence is reflected in the way you tackle things around. Smart people are open to new ideas and opportunities. You need to accept and value the views of others.

Being broad-minded makes you open to different cultures and people. This quality will make you a pleasant person and will draw people to you.

Apart from the above traits, if you are amicable, believe in sharing, make others feel included, take their opinion, enthusiastic and optimistic in everything, loyal and genuine, affable and courteous then you will be a gregarious person who will get recognition not just among peers but also among colleagues. All these traits together can make you an endearing personality.