Practice Gratitude

How to Practice Gratitude-10 ways to follow!

Practice Gratitude is a powerful word with a robust emotion to embellish anybody's life in innumerable ways. Therefore, practicing gratitude possess miraculous effects, from ameliorating your mental health to triggering your relationship with others. 

You will never be stressed or sorry for yourself when you have gratitude. According to an eminent film star Ferris Bueller, “Life goes on fast. You might miss some exciting stuff if you are chasing after something, and forget to look around”. Therefore, it can be hassle-free work to get swept away and forget to show your appreciation for what you have in your life. 

Showing thankfulness and gratitude are the leading parts of human lives. If you show gratitude to someone, there will be a broader sense of feeling connected, a better sleep quality, and a more positive notion towards life. 

These are some magnificent benefits of practicing gratitude every day, and therefore, to assist you in your gratitude journey, let's have a look at the best 10 ways to practice gratitude in your everyday life. 

Practice Gratitue

1.Don't be so demanding: acknowledge everything

Much love

Gratitude does not need to be preserved for the “extravagant” things in life. The tradition of being grateful inaugurates with acknowledging every good thing in life and comprehending that we need to be thankful for everything we are flourished with. Every minute thing that might be appreciated includes the clear weather or the parcel delivered by our agent earlier. 

Therefore, don't leave every possible thing out when practicing your gratitude. A wise man said, “Countless people are there who don't even have that what you have in your life, so appreciate everything and stay happy!” 

2.Find absolute gratitude in every type of challenges

Gratitude does not necessarily mean being thankful for a positive experience. People must be thankful while thinking about the negative experience what they have gone through previously. Difficult situations in our lives indoctrinate us from what we have understood from previous experience. 

Apart from all such mishaps in one's life, we must be capable of finding gratitude for the compassion we have learned to showcase. Dive into your deluge of past memories and try to figure out how the strenuous situation helped you to become the person you are today! Be grateful! 

3.Practice consciousness

Sit in a relaxed way and dig into your memory lane; what are those 5-10 things you are absolutely grateful for! The strategy is that you have to portray it in your mind and sit with a delicate feeling of gratitude in your soul. 

Therefore, by doing this every day, your brain will remain more focused and remind you of staying grateful for every single thing. It generally takes approx 8 weeks of gratitude practice to start showcasing transformed brain patterns, which will lead to more happiness and compassion. 

4.Preserve a gratitude journal

Once your consciousness session is over, jot down your optimistic thoughts! Carrying a journal of every minute thing you are grateful for can help you track down all your feelings and sustain the positivities in your life. Further penning down your optimistic thoughts will help regain your attention on the subject. 

While you are writing about your feeling today, you have no other choice to contemplate the words consciously without any ungrateful or distracting thoughts. You may journal every day for your regular gratitude practice.

5.Express yourself

You might have a feeling to showcase your gratitude to everyone! You can maximize your feelings of powerful gratitude by manifesting the same to your dearest one. Furthermore, you can do a small exercise of writing a letter to a person they are grateful for! 

Such a top-notch exercise enhanced their happiness level from 2-4%. On the other hand, when you consider calling them and showing your gratitude directly, a high level of happiness level observed from 4-19%. 

6.Ennoble your happiness in other parts of your life

Did you know that being appreciative can make you jovial, but being jovial can also make you appreciative? Abundant ways are there to cheer you up, including partaking in a hobby or daily exercising you enjoy. 

Once you are getting the hormone's flow, demonstrating gratitude will be even more straightforward. Therefore, you will be capable of making longer to-do-lists of all the stuff in your life you are obligated for. 

7.Spend quality time with your loved ones

Thank you

Are you striving with the feeling of gratitude? Spend quality time with your dearest friends and family to lighten up your mood. It will diligently reinforce your relationship and making it even stronger! Moreover, it will also give you a probability of practicing your gratitude to people you care about. 

Make sure to start with a small conversation if they are having trouble while communicating. On the other hand, you may also inaugurate the discussion with a challenging family member by complimenting their new hair-cut or something else.


The leading key to having significant gratitude is to give back something in the local community. It will make you sufficiently thankful for the things that you have taken for granted. However, volunteering with the motive of assisting others enhances your capability and well-being to acquire more gratitude. Moreover, it is the most credible way to broaden your well-being quickly. In simple words, helping others in need will help you! 

9.Be careful about your language

Appreciative people possess a definite linguistic style that utilizes the language of givers, fortunate, blessed, and prosperity. It would be best if you did not concentrate on how intrinsically good you are while showing gratitude, but rather on the good natural stuff that others have accomplished on your behalf. 

 10.Think outside of the box

Out of box

Do you want to make the significance out of scopes to bend your gratitude muscles? You should look innovatively for new circumstances to feel thankful. Therefore, thinking out of the box will always help you to show that required gratitude to everyone. 

Let the mirthfulness of gratitude penetrates the people's thoughts! These top 10 ways of practicing gratitude will help change the world for betterment. So, what are you waiting for? Start practicing gratitude every day with these best-in-class tips! Visit UpIndiaSkills today to boost your public speaking ability, showing appreciation and aplomb.