time management


“Time is money” is much more than just a saying. According to Miles Davis, “Time is not the main thing. It is the only thing”. Once it is gone, it’s gone forever. So, you need to conquer time now to achieve your dreams and attain the ultimate success. 

We have only 24 hours a day, but have you ever wondered why some people complete work on time and still manage to get time for them? This is when time management comes into the picture. You may get time to complete all your assignments but then you may end up in missing your gym or yoga classes.

Time management is a solution for everything you are always looking for. To conquer time, it is crucial to understand effective time management techniques. Time management is about using time effectively and in the most efficient manner. Most people worry about their work-life balance and deadlines to meet.

Time management is a balanced approach that helps in giving a time slot for every task you are looking forward to doing within a day. 

Tips that can help in managing time in the most effective manner

We always fall short of time, no matter whether it is about preparation for an examination or an important presentation. What could be done to get sufficient time for each important event of your life? There are several tips you can follow to conquer time for your personal and professional life. 

Make a plan

Planning includes getting yourself aware of the series of jobs you need to do and fixing time for each. After formulating the “To-do List,” you can move forward to make a plan to perform them within the time frame decided by you. If no deadlines are prescribed for jobs, fix a deadline by yourself.

In this way, you will get better results, which can improve your reputation at the workplace. In the planning phase, you have to set your goals correctly. It is important to ensure that goals are measurable, specific, relevant, attainable, time-oriented.

Set a priority 

Once you have made a “to-do list” of goals and a series of activities you need to perform, you need to set a priority for each of such activities.

This will help you in doing urgent and important work before doing any other non-important task. You can further outsource any other non-important task to subordinates, if you fall below the time frame you have dedicated to crucial areas.

 Giving a slot to each task

Setting a time slot for every task helps you in becoming more effective and focused while doing it. This will help you in finding potential issues that me a rise while performing any task.

For instance, assume you have five agendas for a meeting, but the time allows only taking four of them. This will help you in becoming aware of the situation before it happens.

To mitigate such a situation, you can prioritize the important agendas. Based on the situation of the time remaining in the meeting, you can decide to summarise each of them rather than give more time in detailed discussion of each of them.

There is another option of delegating less important agenda to subordinates to save time.

Take a break when needed

People often get confused that time conquer is about stressing you to complete the work within the time, but it is not a complete truth. Rather time management is about effective management of the available time; hence taking a small break in between is always suggested.

A break will help you in staying motivated and focus throughout the assignment. You can be clearer in your thoughts if you can grab a nap in between. While in your break, you can also have a short walk or meditate to bring more efficiency within the available time.

 Organize yourself by taking assistance of calendar applications and tools

It is also in a smart choice to use calendar applications to schedule a time frame and to see how the day is booked. There are few applications like Google calendar, which are meant to manage your time efficiently.

There is online assistance available, which can help you in remembering the important task of the day. Using such important tools can give a drastic change in your habits of falling below the time frame. In case you are not an application lover, you can manually mark your calendar for important schedules and meetings.

This is most tradition but most effective technique of managing time throughout the day for work as well as study.

 Reducing non-essential activities

Within your day, there could be some non-crucial activities involved that you need to identify. Identification will help in eliminating such time wasting activities and helps you to improve over your remaining time available within the day.

You deserve a rest time, and hence non-essential activities can be cut down at the time of busy seasons or harsh deadline-oriented tasks.

 Plan well on advance 

It is crucial to do timely planning for an upcoming project or challenge. To concur time, it is crucial that planning happens at the correct time to reduce and eliminate non-crucial activities.

You need to ensure that you are committed to yourself and do your work on time. Once you start committing towards, you will be able to efficiently get the desired results.

By committing, you will be able to perform your job within the given time frame. As a result, you will get more time for your life, and you will be able to manage time for them too.


Concurring time is not about meeting deadlines or getting recommended for your job and performance; it is about finding life from life. Here the importance of work-life balance and giving more time to your body is equally important. Time management contains healing properties for your body, mind, and soul. Hence don't do it for your job, do it for yourself.