good leaders attract their tribe


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams beautifully summarized the traits of good leaders in this proverb. 

Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes, however; its qualities are quite subtle. The skills of leadership are elusive. Many people try to act as leaders but the truth is that they do not lead so effectively.

Good leaders have some remarkable qualities which help them to move forward with the whole team. A good leader always draws the attention of the followers/team members as they believe that every team member is crucial and has a vital role to play in the success of the team. 

Leaders exhibit some traits that make them successful. If someone wishes to analyze how effective a leader is then he/she should be observed during the worst as the best leader is one whose qualities shines through the worst of times. 

However, the key factors of being a good leader that attracts the tribe are:

Set the right example

Role modelling and setting the right example is essential to inspire your team. If the leader himself acts in a manner in which he wants the team to act and perform, then it sets an example for the employees.

Example- If the leader is smartly and formally dressed and always punctual, the team members would also follow the same. They feel motivated by seeing how the leader exhibits boundless energy and passion to achieve the goals.  


A good leader will never be confined to ideas. They will never be in a comfort zone. They believe in opening themselves up to new learning, opinion and feedback. This creates an atmosphere of mutual trust where his subordinates will be comfortable to speak their mind and express their opinion.

Brainstorming is always effective to resolve a solution or to create a strategy. Any given day, people working under him will feel valued being in his team and will be motivated to work and will not hesitate to keep the ideas/feedback to themselves. 

 Clarity & Decisiveness

A good decision-maker is always appreciated in an organization by everyone. It reflects how clear-minded an individual is and is not let down in challenging times. They are aware of the vision and will take necessary the steps to accomplish the goal.

The calm-minded leader will not succumb to work pressure or meeting deadlines, but will work harder and take a decision to allocate work to meet the deadlines to achieve the desired goal.

An unstable or flickering mindset leads to confusion among the team if the leader himself is not able to take decisions when required. 


Arnold H Glasow rightly said that a good leader takes little more than his share of the blame and little less than his share of the credit. What separates a good leader from a bad leader is the attribute of accountability.

The latter searches for someone whom he can blame during failure, but a great leader will take the charge and say-I will take responsibility for the whole team. Failures do not faze him and they try to sail through the difficult times with the entire team. 

Delegation and Empowerment

It is important for a leader to analyze the strength of his team and delegate the work accordingly. A good leader provides all the resources to achieve a given task. This way the task assigned will complete in little time and also work delivered will have quality.

If you continue to interfere in all the small decisions or working style of the people, then you cannot empower them. It comes very naturally to a great leader that he should stress on key responsibilities and leave the rest to his team. This way his team can also bear the responsibility and get empowered.  Else, trust issues will be developed and you will also divert from your work. 

Speak Out

The one quality that people praise is the ability to speak out in the time of adversity. Boldness is a virtue that is sometimes developed and sometimes innate. If you know your team, you know what they are capable of. Leaders who stand up for the right and support his team member is never forgotten.

After this, the team member is bound to trust him more and also lets him feel that he is working under an honest leader. It leads to the loyalty of the team member towards his leader and leads to the happiness and productivity of the team.


Positivity helps a great deal in all the situations and among all the subordinates. It is always contagious. If the leader is optimistic, then the vibes are felt all across the team and it helps them to keep their spirits high.

People love leaders who are humble, have a sense of humour and consider their team a family. This healthy professional relationship leads to increased productivity. Such a leader is bound to attract his tribe.

We all know that power is fleeting but true leadership isn’t. The individual who is confident, go-getter, has the power to turn his innovative ideas into success stories, shows empathy, keeps things transparent, have a clear vision and purpose, who stand aside and hand over the baton, make timely and sound decisions, take risks, communicates well, open to learning, inspire others to change, give credit for work, takes criticism positively and courageous attracts the people around and lead to their productivity and creativity.

      A good leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.