creative thinking

Is Creative Thinking Only For Creative People?

Do you believe that creative thinking is only for creative people? If yes, give it a second thought. There are some famous personalities in this world who were never creative in their life and ended up with a milestone.

The great lateral thinker Edward De Bono once said. “Creative thinking is not about having talent; it is a skill that can be learned with efforts. It empowers people by imparting strength to their natural abilities that improve teamwork, productivity, where appropriate, profits”.

Many people try to think creatively, but they don't really know the correct way of attaining this. Creativity is something you learn throughout your life, and it never stops.

This can be learned over a period of time with experience and understanding. To become creative, try to bring the following qualities in you. This will further help you to prove your position in the company while in group discussions and meetings.


It is crucial to give up on all the shyness and fear of the mind to be a creative thinker. Believe in you, and try to stay positive.

  • Put in more effort to practice in improving your confidence level. Example: picking a topic and talking about it among your friends/families. 
  • Don't miss any opportunity that you get to speak up this way; you evolve into a person who you want to be. 
  • A confident mind-set helps you to use the entire body and mind perfectly while working. When voicing your opinions in a formal group discussion stands tall, talk boldly as it can create a great difference in how others look on you.

Confidence is not something you develop in a day, it comes with a lot of knowledge, understanding, and experience, once you learned the art gaining the confidence, and there is no looking back.

You are now ready to face creatively and fearlessly with your confidence. 


It is important to be curious if you want creative thinking. 

  • To become curious, adopt a habit of reading physical books and explore new things in life; this will make you find your interests. Take away the knowledge from the learning and apply that in a creative way with your ideas. That's a way of creative thinking.
  • Even it may sound silly, but stay ready to ask questions out of your curiosity. Always remember that most of the time, silly questions have strong answers. 
  • Bring various ideas, thoughts, and facts in your mind. This may lead you to research and question more, which will increase curiosity. 

If you are curious, you are on the right path of creativity. Let yourself be amazed by everything you see; this is the best practice for the curiosity and brain.

Having an interest in learning is one of the few quality ones can possess, so don't stop being curious and keep learning. 


No person can carry a lifelong attitude of “I know everything” that will not help anyone in life. Some people stay humble even if they know a lot of information. 

  • To be more creative, become humble first so you can stay in good books of your seniors.
  • Accept your mistakes and accept when others are right; this will make a lot of genuine connections and understanding with people. 
  • Listen to others. It is a skill many lacks these days. 
  • Be open-minded and less judgmental this way, you can learn so much about others. 
  • Always stay grounded and don't hesitate to learn from others at the same time, teach what you know to others. 

All these qualities will give you an opportunity to learn and to be more creative in your own way, analysing others.


Many people lack the quality of observing and learning from it. Understanding the difference between you and others is important in becoming an observer. 

  • Always be aware of your actions and how it affects the people around. This way, you understand the root and result in your actions and make it right the next time. You become more of a self-aware person and have control over your actions in prior.
  • Take time and observe the body language of others. Read articles about body language and check that on people, it says a lot. If you stop observing ultimately, your curiosity stops, and so you're learning. 
  • Closely watch or listen to something without any distractions; the knowledge you gain from it will give more difference in life. Be observant and learn more.


Resourcefulness is a reflection of a problem solver. To be a problem, solver learns to analyse your problems by researching and getting suggestions from experts.

Focus on one thing at a time makes priorities and keeps an organized plan to work. Grow your knowledge. It makes you a resourceful person and an approachable person, so others seek your help in difficulties.

Accept when you are wrong and appreciate when others are right. Show integrity, and don't go for any shortcuts. These qualities will build great trust in you.


Mindfulness is a consciousness of being aware and responsible for the things we do. You should always be mindful of anything you do.

This shows your involvement and interest to others at work and in personal life. Stay at the present moment, and do not feel worried about the future. 

  • Express your thoughts and how you feel about yourself to someone close to you. 
  • Try not to do multiple activities at a time, focus on one thing, so you don't diversify your mind. Create something new that engages your mental state; it will make your stay at present. 
  • Mental and physical health is key to mindfulness; you should always take care of it. Be grateful for all the little things in life.


There is a saying “energy speaks louder than words” you should always show to people that you can do it. Be eager and enthusiastic. Always be available to take up challenges.

The essence of being energetic vibes you pass on others seeing you. They get motivated. Keep more goals and learn every day to be a productive person. Stay energetic and pass on the vibe.


Have a clear plan for your goals and block your calendar accordingly. Set a target and make to make a list of all your plans. While working on your goals, don't let distractions to fail your plan.

Don't stop yourself from taking action, as the experience you get out of it is all matters. Most people face failures because of not initiating, so never stop you from taking action.


Creativity is not someone's property. It is a feeling, a gesture, a sense of your inner self. Try to work on your inner self and you will automatically become creative. We all know that any person can have creative thinking, but an only efficient person can bring real creativity.

The idea to think out of the box is a better listener, willingness to take challenges, be logical, think in pictures, recreate, take risks, experiment, take criticism, positively attract the people around and stand up, among others. Be creative, and let your creativity shine!