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I’m Mohit. Nice to meet you.

I’m a certified coach and founder of Upindia Skills. After 12 years of corporate work, I started my entrepreneurship journey in education and training.

I turned my life around and decided to do what I genuinely love – help others succeed. In just three years, I helped more than 7000 students boost their confidence and communication skills needed in corporate, business, and personal life.

And now I want YOU to take action, gain unshakable confidence, and feel the transformation so you can create your DREAM life!


5th Floor, NXT Towers,  Bangalore 560045

+91 8095937777
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About Upindia Skills

After being an educator for years, I have witnessed how the world of professionalism has discouraged even the brightest Straight-A student I have ever known. Why? Because outside the four corners of the school is another criterion called “Social Skills” or “Soft Skills”. Our career growth and success, more often than not, rest on how well we deal with the people around us, how well we communicate our ideas, and how well we lead our own people.

UpIndia Skills aims to address the Social Skills issue. Our blog and courses are designed to teach you what has been less taught in school. We intend to bridge the gap and provide learning materials that will make the Indian youth socially-equipped for the professional world.

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